About Me:

LABMATT / Matthew Lewington.

An electronic hobbyist based out of Melbourne Australia. Always had an interest in electrical, mechanical systems and programming.
With the release of the Arduino platform, projects combine into mechanical electrical systems such as my year 12 Systems project PRD2 (Prototype Robotic dog 2).
From projects like this I have expanded into the 3D printing and laser cutting spaces allowing the complexity of projects to grow.
I usually utilize a number of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, PHP in most projects as seen on GITHUB.
More recently I have discovered the benefit that videos can bring by providing inside looks of products or systems that I'm either tearing down or repairing.
Publishing such content could potentially help people see how an obscure item went back together or what parts failed.

I Recommend checking out both the projects page and Github content as linked above,